August 15, 2012

Eleven Madison Park, New York (August 2012) Vegan Tasting Menu

I had the inestimable privilege of dining at EMP with two friends, one of whom is a vegan. Below are photos of almost everything brought her way over three-plus hours along with a sample of her thoughts on the food and the service.

On the dining experience: "it was unreal," "I've never experienced anything like it," "pure delight"
Food: "I cannot be more impressed"
Highlights: smoked couscous, roasted eggplant, lemon caviar, vegan egg cream, chocolate dessert, smoked corn, and lemon thyme-infused tomato tea
Service: "amazing"

Glass of Rosé

Tomato tea with lemon thyme

EMP's interpretation of New York street vendors who sell nuts: marcona almonds

Chickpea panisse and a tuile with ?

Watermelon snow and a zucchini bavarois

Smoked chanterelles

Lemon caviar

An homage to Jewish appetizing with an everything bagel crumble and house-made pickles

Roasted beets, unripened strawberries, raspberries and a strawberry vinagrette

Dacquiri, I think

Smoked couscous, onions and dried tomatoes

Textures of broccoli

 Smoked corn, blueberries and chanterelles

Don't remember the drink's name, but it was spicy

Roasted eggplant with, inter alia, wheatberries and eggplant tuiles

A lightly dressed salad in lieu of a cheese course

Soy milk-based malt egg cream

Vegan raspberry cheesecake with chamomile

Textures of chocolate with, inter alia, sponge cake and chocolate sorbet

Pate de fui


  1. Nice to see the NY focus at EMP. And vegan tasting at a Michelin 3-stars restaurant is ground breaking. How did they make the vegan cheesecake?

  2. I wish I knew, Rich (it's not in the cookbook)! And even if I did, the finished product would look nothing like the photos above.

  3. Great pictures! The salad instead of cheese makes me so saaaad, but I will be wildly disappointed if I can't get some lemon caviar when we go next weekend.

  4. Thanks (though the photos cannot compete with yours)! With or without the lemon caviar, I trust you'll have a wonderful dining experience--looking forward to your review and photos!

  5. I just saw that they won another James Beard Award. A full vegan tasting menu of this caliber is wonderful. How far in advance did you have to make a reservation to make sure they has enough courses?

    1. They are an incredibly accommodating restaurant. When they call to confirm a reservation 48 hours in advance, if you notify them of any dietary preferences, they'll be happy to oblige.

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